Site Updates: Right on TARGAT

Hi there.

I do, in fact, have something new and GI Joe related to share with you today. It’s not a full review, but don’t worry– you’ll get one of those on Thursday. It won’t be a GI Joe review, but it will be fantastic.

And you’ll also be getting a full gallery of amazing GI Joe photos on Friday. That’s a lot of stuff my friends and I are putting out for you this week.

Speaking of friends, I wanted to share some of my favorite things other people have been working on recently

And, as promised, I have a GI Joe thing for you, too.

Russian Funskool GI Joe TARGAT In-Depth Look

Russian Funskool GI Joe TARGAT

Remember those in-depth profiles of Russian Funskool GI Joe figures I was doing? It’s been a while. You’ve probably rediscovered Blue Pepsi and finished another Grey’s Anatomy binge since the last time I published one. You forgot all about them. That hurts my feelings, but I have the memory of a Cobra Island goldfish, so don’t worry too much.

Here’s a no-frills, deep dive on the Russian Funskool GI Joe TARGAT figure. It’s like the Hasbro Star Brigade TARGAT, but it won’t crumble to dust in your greasy paws the second you try to cram a missile launcher onto its arm.


Just click the link! As always, you can find it on my dedicated GI Joe page (in the main navigation, you oblivious fool) and on the old Russian Funskool Jamboree post.

Bask in the glory of those hot pink weapons.

Good Stuff from Good People

Since so many fine folks have been helping me maintain The Dragon Fortress, I wanted to share some of my favorite things from the past couple weeks.

Here they are:

  • Joe A Day 10th Anniversary – Rob is back! And he wrote about one of my favorite 90s Joe figures to celebrate the site’s Big 10. Joe A Day is such a treasure, and seeing any new content from Rob is a dream come true.
  • GI Joe Parasite Review at the Viper Pit – I loved this toy as a kid, but I’ve never owned one. My friend across the street did, though, and I was amazed that this orange and purple monstrosity could hold so many figures. Go check it out!
  • MOTU Rise of Evil 2 Pack Review at Action Figure Barbecue – I love AFBBQ’s writing and look forward to all of his reviews. This is also the single MOTU item I’ve been the most excited about since it was announced– I love the 200X He-Man cartoon. Sadly, like almost everyone who doesn’t “collectors helping collectors” for a living, I’ve yet to find one. Fortunately, I can live vicariously through this review.
  • All My Toys: 242 at Diary of a Dorkette – If you’re not following my friend Michael’s incredible toy soap opera, you should be. Her latest installment has everything– Al Pacino in TMNT style, job interviews, Bruce Wayne’s inner conflict, and Golden Girl. You know, the fantasy action figure toy line, not the sitcom. I love Michael’s work and wanted to share it with you if you’re not reading it.
  • Cobra South by General Liederkranz – In my friend General Liederkranz’s new dio-story, he explores the ramifications of The Falklands War, and how Cobra tries to expand their operations into South America. The story takes place in the early 80s and features your favorite GI Joe team members, some international heroes, and some characters you absolutely don’t expect.  Also, it’s nice to see a regularly updated GI Joe dio-story again!
  • Two Minutes to Late Night Bedroom Cover: “The Touch” by Stan Bush – My favorite internet-only late night talk show has become more well known for its star-studded, remote-participation bedroom covers since the pandemic started. In this week’s edition, the 2M2LN crew are joined by Cybertronic Spree, Chris Hornbrook from Poison the Well, Courtney Cox from the Iron Maidens, and in-house Mutoid Man Steve Brodsky for a cover of Stan Bush’s “The Touch.” Since the song appears on both The Transfrmers: The Movie and Boogie Nights soundtracks, it surely has wide appeal. Click the link above or just watch the embedded video below.

Signing Off

What’s your favorite Stan Bush song? What’s your favorite cover of a Stan Bush song? Why do Iron Grenadier weapons look so much better in hot pink?

Let me know in the comments and we’ll see you again on Thursday!

4 thoughts on “Site Updates: Right on TARGAT

  1. Dracula

    My favorite Stan Bush song is “Dare,” and I can’t quite articulate the complicated mixture of positive emotions I felt when I heard it used over a training montage in “GLOW.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you! “Dare” is the best. I also let out an audible gasp when the song played in GLOW. I loved that show so much, and hearing a song strongly associated with positive childhood feelings used in it was just such a good moment.


  2. Funskool TARGAT isn’t bad. I’ve actually got more of him than I do the 1993 Star Brigade version. I have one I need to open. But, he’s got a busted t-hook in the package. So, need the replacement part.

    I appreciate you showcasing toys other than Joe. I keep up with most of the few remaining Joe content producers. So, it’s nice to see some other toys and see people’s thoughts and memories on them. Even if the line isn’t something I ever had, I usually have a recollection of seeing it in the toy aisles and it’s fun to see how experiences are shared even when the toys that created them are so different.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, Mike! If you can wait until I get home again (whenever that is), I have a big bin of Lanard parts, including several t-hooks. I’d be happy to send you some.

      I’m glad you enjoy the non-Joe stuff. This site was never meant to be GI Joe only, though I tend to write more about GI Joe just because it’s one of the best toy lines ever– it inspires creativity for me. The GI Joe stuff does the best around here, too, but that doesn’t stop me from doing other stuff. Coincidentally, “other stuff” is on the menu for tomorrow’s review, too.


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