1993 GI Joe Star Brigade Duke (Armor Tech)

1993 GI Joe Star Brigade Duke (Armor Tech) Review

Hello. How have you been? Are you still interested in old GI Joes? Because most of the time I still am.

Today we’re looking at a figure that is absolutely nobody’s favorite. But it’s one I got carded for less than the cost of a Wendy’s combo meal a couple years ago, and I’ve been itching to clip the accessories from the weapons tree, take some photos, and then never think about again.

So here’s 1993 GI Joe Star Brigade Duke from the Armor Tech sub-line.

Let’s get to it.

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1994 GI Joe Major Bludd (Battle Corps)

1994 GI Joe Major Bludd (Battle Corps) Review

Today we’re actually looking at a GI Joe action figure from the 1990s, which is becoming something of a rarity around here. I know it’s what you all want and expect from me, though, so let’s get back on track. Shall we?

Today we’re looking at 1994 GI Joe Major Bludd (Battle Corps), a figure I’ve had since it was released in the mid 90s. We’re looking at my childhood figure, in fact!

He’s holding up pretty well after all these years, and I have a few guesses as to why that is.

Grab your mustache combs and rhyming dictionaries, because it’s time to look at Cobra’s best (and worst) mercenary poet.

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Mutagen Men Toycast

Introducing The Mutagen Men Toycast

Hello friends!

I’m pleased to announce I am cohosting a new toy-themed podcast– a toycast, if you will.

Your hosts are:

We are The Mutagen Men and this is our Mutagen Men Toycast.

You can find our official home base and website here.

Our first episode is a doozy.

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023 GI Joe Scarlett (Haslab Skystriker)

2023 GI Joe Scarlett (Haslab Skystriker) Review

Hello, everyone. Nice to see you again. I am still alive and I still enjoy toys, so let’s talk about one today. Sound good? Alright then.

The Haslab Skystriker Scarlett is not a 90s toy in any way. It’s a sort-of remake of a kitbash that could possibly happen with 80s toys, but is a new mold.

I did buy the figure to serve a 90s-related purpose (which we will get into in a bit here) and it’s a new GI Joe figure, so I decided it might be a decent review subject.

Also, Mike T from Forgotten Figures and RTG from Attica Gazette are also reviewing Pilot Scarlett this week. Here are those links:

Make sure you check their reviews out, as our perspectives are all likely to be pretty different.

Let us begin.

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2002 GI Joe Cobra Mantis Sub Review

Hello there. It’s nice to see you again.

This review was supposed to be part of ‘Childhood Favorites Month,’ which I did last November. I took most of these photos at the beginning of last month and was planning to write the review then, along with three others. But that didn’t happen for various reasons. I’m still having a bit of a hard time.

So, let’s just say this is a ‘Childhood Favorites Month’ review in spirit, as this was a childhood favorite. Sure, the 2002 Cobra Mantis Sub wasn’t released in the 90s, but I was still technically a child when I bought it in 2002. 2002 was the year I graduated from high school, so I would have been 17 when I purchased this toy. Not yet a legal adult. And boy oh boy did I love this toy back then.

This is also the first time I’m reviewing a vehicle and its included driver at the same time, so you’ll have to forgive me if I’m still finding my footing with the whole thing. This is a more “gallery” style review, much like the more recent vehicle profiles I’ve featured on this website. I want to show it from every angle, and the photo gallery format seems to be the best at facilitating that approach.

So let’s dive in. Here’s the 2002 GI Joe Cobra Mantis Sub along with its driver, the 2002 Moray v2.

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1994 GI Joe Ozone (Star Brigade)

1994 GI Joe Ozone (Star Brigade) Review

(Editor’s Note: It’s the final installment of Ozone October, and I am once again joined by my main dude Cody. Cody is also known as CorpsCommanderCody on the toy-related social medias. This is an extra special review of an elusive figure, all tied together with a heartfelt personal story. So please follow Cody on Instagram and Twitter and then bask in the glory of The Final Ozone.)

Article and Photos by CorpsCommanderCody

GI Joe Ozone

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1991 GI Joe Ozone (Eco Warriors)

1991 GI Joe Ozone (Eco Warriors) Review

It’s still Ozone October at The Dragon Fortress, and today we’re taking a look at the figure who started it all– 1991 GI Joe Ozone from the Eco Warriors sub line. This figure, despite representing a character with very few media appearances, had a long life within GI Joe’s classic A Real American Hero series.

After all, Ozone had more figure releases than popular cartoon/comic book characters like Shipwreck and Major Bludd. The figure obviously did something very right and captured some imaginations. Or, at the very least, someone at Hasbro was quite fond of it.

GI Joe Ozone

So grab an organic kombucha, take out the recycling, and strap in. We’re about to start an Eco War.

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Funskool GI Joe Ozone

Funskool GI Joe Ozone Review

(Editor’s Note: We’re continuing Ozone October this week with a special guest review from my dear friend Cody. You may know Cody better as CorpsCommanderCody, but he is Cody just the same. I am very excited about this review! So please follow Cody on Instagram and Twitter and then bask in the glory of a very fun International GI Joe release.)

Article and Photos by CorpsCommanderCody

GI Joe Ozone

What is UP, wet and wacky Eco Warriors? Wait, this is technically a version of the Star Brigade one? Well, uh… ‘sup, spacefarers and starchildren? 

I can’t do this. Anyways, I’m talking about Funskool Ozone today.

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