Pictures of GI Joes: 90s Edition

(Editor’s Note: Today’s photos come from the one and only RTG of Attica Gazette. He generously provided me with these beautiful photos of 1990s GI Joe figures so that I might share them with you. RTG is one of the world’s best GI Joe photographers, and also one of the world’s best toy photographers in general. Not only that, but he’s been my friend for around 13 years now. I am grateful and honored to publish these pictures on my little website.)

Photos by Attica Gazette

1991 GI Joe Big Ben by Attica Gazette1991 GI Joe Falcon by Attica Gazette1991 GI Joe Sci-Fi by Attica Gazette1991 GI Joe Snake Eyes by Attica Gazette1992 GI Joe Destro by Attica Gazette1992 GI Joe Toxo-Vipers by Attica Gazette1993 GI Joe Firefly by Attica Gazette1994 GI Joe Flint by Attica Gazette

Signing Off

Again, I’m delighted by these photos. RTG was kind enough to feature some of my all time favorite figures here, too. Can you guess which ones they are? The comments are a good place for that.

8 thoughts on “Pictures of GI Joes: 90s Edition

  1. In looking at these, I couldn’t pick which figure is the worst. Even the Destro, which has some weak points, is a great update of the character. I’m glad that the ’90’s figures are getting their due. But, it’s sad to see them rocket up in price so drastically. We should be at the end of that, though.

    RTG does amazing work and I’m glad you featured it. Slowly, but surely, he’s coming the light side of ’90’s Joes. 😉

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    1. Thanks for the comment, Mike!

      I think we are definitely pushing our mutual friend in the right direction, haha. Though he has always been more accepting of the 90s figures than some elements of the fandom that we both know.

      I really like the 92 Destro, and he was a constant fixture when my friends and I would play with our figures. He looked so much like the cartoon Destro that I was downright startled the first time I saw v1. Hew didn’t look right to me for a long time. But now that I’ve owned a Destro v1 for years, I see how it’s the superior figure in every way. But I’m really grateful Hasbro released great versions of both CC and Destro during my childhood.


  2. Maaaan, that Big Ben was one of my fave Joes as a kid. Anybody with camo-stripe facepaint was instantly badass. (See also: Tunnel Rat). Sadly the crotch on mine broke, along with the o-ring. If I had more money and/or display space I might try tracking another one down, but these days I’m busy enough collecting robots that turn into cars and dinosaurs and stuff.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Dial H!

      Big Ben has always been one of my favorites, too. I still have my childhood original– but he also has a broken crotch! I think it happened sometime in 1992 or so. It just didn’t stand up to a rough-and-tumble 8 year old’s whims. Hopefully we’ll see some price decreases soon and you can get both a nice Big Ben AND some Dinobots.

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  3. Dracula

    The Night Creepers here are definitely MY favorite, if only for the incredible ninja-accurate color schemes.

    I’m gonna guess yours is the Snake Eyes from the same shot.

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    1. I love those Night Creepers, too. Very Zeiram. I do slightly prefer the 1990 Night Creepers, though. Their camouflage is also very realistic.

      I do love that Snake Eyes! he’s my favorite version. So good guess.


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