The Dragon Fortress x GI Joburg

Today is my birthday. Also, today marks the release of episode 180 of longtime Dragon Fortress Ally GI Joburg’s 180th episode, which I’m featured on! I couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate. Check out the YouTube embed below, visit them on Podbean, or listen via your favorite podcast aggregator. 

Let’s get NEON. 

5 thoughts on “The Dragon Fortress x GI Joburg

  1. You know I love neon Joes. (Thanks for the shout out, too!) It’s good to see them getting a spotlight. But, I’m not real enthusiastic about how that interest has skyrocketed the price of many of the harder to find brightly colored Cobras.

    The thing with neon figures is that they were fun toys. I think collectors have forgotten that in their zeal to proclaim Joe “realistic military!”. I wonder is the remaining anti-neon zealotry is rooted in insecurity. Collecting “army men” is good. But, collecting toys is bad.


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