A Transformers Action Master Fanzine that Benefits Charity


If that title doesn’t entice you, I don’t know what to tell you.

Every year (almost), Toy-Fu and TMUK produce a themed Transformers fanzine for TF Nation, a UK Transformers convention. In years past, I’ve written about Micromasters and Rock Lords.

This year I got to write about Action Masters!

There are a ton of talented people behind this full color fanzine (including the creator of JaAm himself, my friend Matt) and you can get pre-order a digital PDF copy here.

If you live in the UK, you can also order a physical copy and some awesome pins and postcards.

Toy-Fu and TMUK Transformers Action Master Fanzine Order page 

Full details below.

Transformers Action Master Fanzine Details

From the website:

Finally, the wait is over! TF Nation may not be happening, but Toy Fu and TMUK have still produced a fanzine in aid of the children’s charity Mary’s Meals. Celebrating 30 years of Action Masters, this fanzine is 44 (including cover) full-colour pages!

Three comic strips! Amazing artwork! Text stories! The terrible story of Double Punch! Articles on the toyline and comic! An… essay on why Action Master Thundercracker is pink. Don’t miss out on this one!

Also purchasing this (or any item from this store!) gives you entry into the ‘Design an Action Master’ competition where you can win your own custom Action Master – judged by Nick Roche! The form is a separate free item on this store, so don’t forget to pick it up!

This item is a pre-order. Pre-orders close on midnight Sunday 23rd August, and will be shipped out in the next few weeks (as soon as they are printed!).

Orders are UK only due to high postage costs, however if you are outside the UK and desperate for them, contact us!

This is an unofficial fan product. All profits are donated to childrens charity Mary’s Meals. Mary’s Meals is a registered charity that currently reaches more than 1.1 million of the world’s poorest children with a daily meal in their place of education in 12 countries.

By serving a daily meal in a place of education, Mary’s Meals attracts impoverished children into the classroom, where they can gain skills that will help them escape poverty in future.

The Pins:


The Postcards:


Custom Action Master Design Content:


If you enjoy my writing, you’ll enjoy this fanzine. But there are a bunch of incredible people involved, so you’re going to love it if you enjoy the wild world of early 90s Transformers.

Proceeds go to Mary’s Meals, which is also a great reason to plunk down a few bucks for a digital copy.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re all doing well.

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