023 GI Joe Scarlett (Haslab Skystriker)

2023 GI Joe Scarlett (Haslab Skystriker) Review

Hello, everyone. Nice to see you again. I am still alive and I still enjoy toys, so let’s talk about one today. Sound good? Alright then.

The Haslab Skystriker Scarlett is not a 90s toy in any way. It’s a sort-of remake of a kitbash that could possibly happen with 80s toys, but is a new mold.

I did buy the figure to serve a 90s-related purpose (which we will get into in a bit here) and it’s a new GI Joe figure, so I decided it might be a decent review subject.

Also, Mike T from Forgotten Figures and RTG from Attica Gazette are also reviewing Pilot Scarlett this week. Here are those links:

Make sure you check their reviews out, as our perspectives are all likely to be pretty different.

Let us begin.

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