Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint

Note: This is not a full review. This simply a more in-depth look at the figures I profiled in my Russian Funskool GI Joe Jamboree post, and is intended as a resource for fans and collectors.

Updated 5/6/21: According to a source in a former Soviet country (who has also translated the card backs), the entire Russian run of Funskool GI Joe figures was released in 1998. The company who assisted in this release, Two Beetles (see their logo on the card back below), likely had a connection at Funskool. Aside from Chuckles, all Russian Funskool figures are nearly identical to their Indian counterparts– only the card backs were changed. Though these were reportedly only produced for a year, they can still be found in former USSR territories. As a fun side note, “beetle” is Russian slang for “swindler.”

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint Figure and Accessories

This Russian Funskool Flint figure was released around 1998. It is identical to (one variant of) the Indian Funskool release. Only the card back is different.

The Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint is based on Hasbro’s Flint from 1985. The Funskoool figure uses mostly the exact same mold and accessories– for the most part, only the colors and plastic quality are slightly different.

The Russian Funskool Flint uses the lower arms from Zandar. There were some other variants with different arm parts in the Indian Funskool line, but I believe all Russian Flints use this parts configuration. See this post at Forgotten Figures for a rundown of all Funskool Flint variants.

Carded figure:

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint


Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint

Note the “swivel arm battle grip”  call out. All Funskool GI Joe figures had this feature, but I guess they had to put some selling point on the packaging.

Card back:

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint

Note that unlike Indian Funskool card backs, this card back is printed with all Russian text.

The figure:

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint is mostly cast in black and dark green plastic. This figure looks quite similar to the Hasbro release, as far as Funskool figures go.

Red paint is used for detailing on the beret and shoulder details, and black is used for the beret and boots. Dark brown paint is used for the gloves and medium green is used for the shoulder straps. There are also brown camouflage paint apps on the legs, which ends up looking fairly subtle against the dark green.

Note that this figure uses the lower arms from Zandar instead of the lower arms from the original 85 Flint. They look very similar, but Zandar does not have a wrist watch and the gloves are a little different.

The green paint apps for the shoulder straps are fairly sloppy, which is not unusual for Funskool figures.

The side:

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint

Here you’ll note that the pistol handle is picked out in black paint, as well.

The back:

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint

The accessories:

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint

Russian Funskool Flint’s accessories are very straightforward. He comes with a green backpack and a green pump shotgun. That’s a notably small amount of accessories for a Funskool figure released in 1998, but it is true to the original Hasbro Flint release. Each accessory uses a different shade of green, but they both look good with the figure.

In all but color, these accessories are identical to what came with the Hasbro version.

The figure All Geared Up:

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint

Despite being made of slightly lower quality plastic than the Hasbro version, the Russian Funskool Flint is still a solid GI Joe action figure. It retains all articulation and features the Hasbro version had. The figure holds its gun well and the backpack fits nicely. Other than a little paint slop, this is a quality Funskool release.

Russian Funskool Flint Compared to 1985 Hasbro Flint

Funskool Flint and Hasbro Flint are fairly similar, but a few color changes and paint applications make them easy to tell apart if you know what you’re looking for.

The figures (L – Funskool, R – Hasbro):

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Funskool version’s legs are much lighter and less saturated than the Hasbro version. The camouflage is also less noticeable on the Russian Funskool figure.

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint’s belt is a more tan color than the Hasbro’s brown, and the Funskool figure’s gloves use a lighter brown, as well. The Funskool figure is also missing the paint applications on its boots.

Russian Funskool Flint’s chest straps are a medium green, which looks much different than the Hasbro version’s dark green. Additionally, the skin shown on the Funskool figure’s torso is not a good match for the skin tone on his head– it looks like he is wearing an off white or light yellow t-shirt underneath his uniform. It’s still a good look, but the paint matching is poor.

The biggest difference between these figures is the lower arms. The Russian Funskool Flint uses the lower arms from Hasbro’s 1986 Zandar figure. That means it doesn’t have a sculpted wrist watch, but the overall look is quite similar.

From the side:

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint

The Funskool version has some (somewhat strange) additional silver paint applications around the red shoulder details.

The back:

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint

Hasbro Flint has a date stamp on its rear end, whereas the Russian Funskool version does not. Why that’s the case is anyone’s guess.

Accessory comparison:

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint

While they are all green, the colors on the Funskool Flint’s accessories are quite different from the Hasbro version. It might be a bit difficult to tell which one you’re looking at without having the other to compare, however.

The figures All Geared Up:

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint

Just for fun, here’s (from left to right) Russian Funskool Flint, 1985 Hasbro Flint, 1988 Hasbro Tiger Force Flint, and Hasbro 2005 comic pack Flint. I should have included the TRU Exclusive Night Force version in this photo, but I guess he was too good at hiding in the shadows.

Russian Funskool GI Joe Flint


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