Super7 GI Joe: My ReAction

Hah! Clever title, right?

Clearly there are many reasons why I am not a professional Toy News Journalist. 

But I do like GI Joe, and I know more about it than I know about microbiology or the history of Reggaeton, so I thought I’d serve you up some stale takes about some fresh new product. 

If you’d like to see the actual press release from Super7, I suggest checking out or Brian Flynn’s announcement video, embedded below. 

I guess I am basically one of those YouTubers who makes millions of dollars from reacting to Star Wars cartoon trailers now. There’s no going back. Let’s move forward and let the Nord VPN sponsorship dollars roll in. 

Thoughts on Super7

Serious Toy Collectors tend to fall into one or two camps when it comes to Super7– they either think Super7 products are the best thing ever or are overpriced garbage. 

I don’t fall into either camp. 

I think Super7 succeeds at what they do and I’ve bought quite a few things from them. Most products they release fall squarely into the “not for me, personally” category, though. 

For instance, their TMNT Ultimates figures look beyond incredible. I prefer the classic toy look for TMNT stuff, and Super7 is releasing pitch-perfect versions of those classic toys with a ton of accessories, alternate heads, and great articulation. They’re stellar. But, since I don’t collect 7″ figures, I didn’t buy them. I do appreciate the thought and care that goes into them, however. 

Similarly, a lot of ReAction figures just aren’t “for me.” I don’t mind action figures with 5 points of articulation, but I have no particular attachment to that simple “retro” style or a lot of the properties they cover. 

Unless they make ReAction figures of a property I just can’t refuse. Like Jem, for instance. 

Super 7 ReAction Jem and the Holograms

How else would I have ever obtained Jem and Pizzazz figures in my beloved 3.75″ scale? The packaging on them was beautiful (which Super7 always excels at) and the figures were better than I expected, too. 

Now I really can have the Holograms and The Misfits hanging out with GI Joe. 

Super 7 ReAction Jem and the Holograms

Similarly, I loved their Robotech ReAction line. The figures scale very well with the old Playmates Exosquad Destroid re-releases, which was a dream come true. 

Super 7 ReAction Robotech

It’s an old photo and this is a judgment-free zone, okay

I’m also a fan of their “original” properties, such as The Worst, which fits in well with Action Force stuff, if not with GI Joe itself. 

Super 7 ReAction The Worst

And what can I say about Maria from Metropolis? Their Maria figure is perfect, and I tend to sneak it into photos whenever I can.

Super 7 ReAction Metropolis

The shiny one is also a treasure. 

Super 7 ReAction Metropolis

I’ve also purchased glassware from Super7, and it’s great. Their vintage-style MOTU figures are excellent, as well, with Shadow Weaver and He-Ro being standouts. 

So, basically most of what Super7 does is not on my radar because it’s “not for me,” but I appreciate what they do. They seem to genuinely care about making cool toys. 

But GI Joe usually is “for me,” so I wanted to put a little bit of thought into these upcoming releases. I’ve been skipping Classified since I don’t collect the 6″ scale, and the “retro” figures don’t do much for me either– I already have enough Modern Era Joe figures. 

So, what about Super7’s newly announced GI Joe offerings?

Super7’s GI Joe ReAction Figures

Super 7 GI Joe ReAction Figures

I’m not going to say much about the GI Joe Ultimates figures Super7 revealed, as I feel like they speak for themselves. They are high quality, cartoon-based toys with tons of parts and accessories done in a 7″ scale. That’s not something anyone else is doing. They all look very good, especially the BAT. I can see some Classified collectors fudging the BAT into their collections pretty easily. These are also more source material accurate and less “reimagined” than the Classified series, which will please a lot of people. 

Super7 GI Joe Ultimates

The ReAction figures are a bit trickier, though. Taken at face value, these are GI Joe figures in the classic GI Joe scale, but with greatly reduced articulation and fewer accessories. 

I’ll discuss each figure a little bit, but overall the Cobra Troopers and Greenshirts seem the most interesting. They could work as background filler in photos and on shelves. They could also fit in nicely with Action Force collections. 

But they’re $20 each. For $20, I could get a Black Major Trooper, a Night Watch Trooper, or a Comic Pack Trooper, all of which are fine toys. So it’s a bit of a hard sell. 

There are figures I’d be happy to buy in the ReAction style that I don’t think Hasbro would ever do, such as Saxophone Snake Eyes and Hector Ramirez. Hell, I’d even buy a Sunbow-style purple and grey Snake Eyes in his version 2 costume, as he appeared in the majority of the cartoon and the feature film. 

But these are not that. To be fair, Super7 is just getting started. But let’s see what they have for us and take it figure by figure. 

Super 7 GI Joe ReAction Figures

Snake Eyes: Snake Eyes always looks cool in blue and purple, and I like the original commando design a lot. You can basically get this look from a few ARAH-style figures, though. And I’d pick those over the “charmingly retro” 5 POA type toys any time. But I want that Sunbow style laser pistol. I’ve always wanted that exact accessory. I’d probably give it to Shipwreck, who I associate the gun with. Plus, that would solve the “Shipwreck’s flintlock pistol is dumb but I don’t know what else to give him” problem I’ve always had. But that’s still $20 for a laser pistol. The rifle looks good, too, but I have a dozen Snow Job rifles sitting around. 

Kwinn: Well, this toy proves that these Super7 figures aren’t just Sunbow-based (even though most of them are). Ever since the rumors of Super7’s GI Joe ReAction line started hitting, Joe fans were excited about the prospect of getting a Kwinn. But they weren’t excited about getting Kwinn in his cold weather garb, because Hasbro already did that with a Comic Pack figure. If this would have been Kwinn in his cute khaki shorts, I think a lot of people would have bought it for their ARAH collections.  The gun looks kinda neat, though. 

Scarlett: She has a good head sculpt that I can see intrepid kitbashers and customizers trying to put on a v1 Scarlett figure, or any figure that uses that mold. It’s nice. I don’t think she’s cartoon based, as she has a crossbow rather than a laser rifle. I don’t have much else to say about it, other than there’s not much interest here for me. 

Super 7 GI Joe ReAction Figures

Cobra Commander: The vintage ARAH line doesn’t have a figure that looks exactly like CC did in the cartoon, so I can kind of see the appeal here. It looks pretty close to the animation model, at least within the ReAction style. Too bad you won’t be able to get any poses out of it, though. Again, I want the laser pistol. 

Destro: Yep, that looks like a Sunbow Destro. I’d argue the 1992 Destro (and its 01 repaint) fills that need a little better, though. 

Baroness: This is another interesting one. There’s no o-ring style figure representing Baroness in her sometimes-cartoon look but this figure does a nice job of it. The head sculpt is good and the costume is on point. The gun also seems like a less annoying version of the original Baroness’ weapon. I can see people being into this one, and I might be into it, too, if the price was nicer. 

Super 7 GI Joe ReAction Figures

Greenshirts: Greenshirts, aka GI Joe troopers. Hasbro famously did a really bad pack of these in the o-ring style. They all had Downtown’s head. It was a fun time for everyone, and we all realized how much sheer effort Hasbro was putting into the brand at that point. Good times. Having 3 different versions of the trooper is a good idea, so they’re not all clones. These could make good scene fillers or vehicle operators, or just make a nice little display for people who like the style of action figure. A pretty good choice on Super7’s part. 

Super 7 GI Joe ReAction Figures

Cobra Troopers: Six different Cobra Troopers?? Holy moly! I actually think these would be great for filling in the ranks in displays and in photos. They’d be nice crewmen for certain vintage vehicles, too. Again, I like that there are some skin tone differences and they’re not all clones. That’s a thoughtful touch. The Sunbow laser rifle and pistols are also welcome. 

Super 7 GI Joe ReAction Figures

My buddy Drac took this screengrab. Thanks, Drac!

As it turns out, Super7 sculpted the web gear two different ways– and you can only tell from the back! That shows that they really did put some thought into these. Even though these toys are not my exact cup of tea, I do think Super7 is taking the whole thing seriously. If it was some sort of cynical cash grab, I don’t think the team at Super7 would be putting that kind of effort into these admittedly simple toys. 

If these were a bit more reasonably priced, I’d grab at least two of them. I think the sculpts are quite sharp, too. 

Wrapping Up

My friend RTG has a very different (but still reasonable) take on these over at Attica Gazette, if you want to read it. 

If I seem a little wishy-washy on these, it’s because I am. A lot of my friends in our so-called GI Joe community are really excited about these toys– and they have every right to be!

ReAction figures are not my preferred style of toy, and they really don’t compare to ARAH-style GI Joe figures. But these do kind of fit in with classic Joes, so I’m a bit torn. And I definitely want some of the accessories. 

I think these are pretty well done and thoughtful toys, but they don’t necessarily put the huckleberry jam on my hot buttered toast. We’ll see what I end up buying. 

As always, my philosophy on these things is simple– if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. 

But, this is a new GI Joe product line. We don’t get many of those. What are your thoughts on these GI Joe ReAction figures? What are your thoughts on the Ultimates? I’d love to discuss all of this with you in the comments. 

23 thoughts on “Super7 GI Joe: My ReAction

  1. I share your sentiments. I really wanted to love the G.I. Joe Ultimates. And in a way I do. These are the toys I probably would’ve wanted as a kid. But I’ve recently gone all in on the Classified line, and while I definitely prefer 3.75″ scale (o-ring style, not 5 POA style), Classified seems to be scratching that itch for me. I find myself more nostalgic for the old toys than I am for the cartoon and even though Classified figures are modernized reimagined versions of those, I’m loving them, especially the later waves. Still, there’s a part of me that wants to go all in on this line and collect them all from wave 1 onward, and there’s a part of me that wants to be more selective or just skip out on them entirely. But what will I regret more: not getting them all or actually plunking down $55 a pop for those I do get? The struggle is real. At the very least I’ll get a B.A.T., which was one of my all-time favorite toys as a kid.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate it!

      I get what you mean. I think the Classified figures are (overall) quite cool and well done. I love seeing what people do with them for photos and displays. And I think modern reimaginings are a good thing– GI Joe probably needs more of that as a brand.

      I’ve shared your thoughts on Ultimates before, too. I really want that Ultimates Transformers Banzaitron, but haven’t preordered yet. It’s too big to be “in scale” (which is an unfunny joke with TF) with the Transformers I buy, but it’s also a cool and hyper-articulated version of one of my favorite Action Masters. By nature, it does not need to transform. So will I regret it when I miss out, or regret spending $60 on it? It’s really hard to say.

      And yeah, no bones about it, that BAT looks killer.


  2. Alex

    Always enjoy reading your blog posts as I tend to enjoy a lot of the same toy aesthetics as you.

    I sort of accidentally fell back into Reaction early last year with their My Pet Monster figure. I hadn’t paid much attention since the earlier Funko figures so I didn’t realize that the paint quality had improved so much on these. That of course came with a significant price increase. It has sort of become my go to line as I really appreciate that scale and I don’t really need a lot of articulation for my uses. They have almost reached a Funko Pop sort of quality where you can get stuff from all different properties in a matching design.

    That being said, I’m looking forward to these (maybe more so in theory than what we’ve seen so far) but it still feels weird. I can already get any number of Joes in this scale and like you said, the accessories are seriously lacking in these. In fact, that’s probably my biggest gripe (beyond price) with Reaction…a serious lack of accessories. These figures look great on card but ultimately I wish they catered a bit more to us openers at times too. I know I’m paying extra for that card art that I’m just going to tear up and never look at again. Those army builders will be especially expensive to build up. It’d be great if they offered some budget ones in non fancy packaging.

    I think the ultimate strength of this line will come as they get further into it and can drop in deeper cuts that maybe haven’t seen a figure release before.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a thoughtful comment, Alex! I also appreciate the kind words.

      I forgot about the My Pet Monster! Some of those oddball ones like MPM and the upcoming Shogun Warriors-style Godzilla are really cool, too. And yeah, the Super7 quality is much higher than Funko quality. You don’t see Terminator Endosekeltons with their arms broken inside of the packaging anymore. I’ve had a lot of trouble with the few Funko action figures I’ve purchased.

      I do think these are catered to people who don’t open them in a way. Those folks are probably a big part of Super7’s demographic for these which, as you said, is why the card art is so nice. I have a hard time looking at things through that lens, though, as I open everything. I probably just need to get over myself. I will say that I had a very hard time throwing out my Robotech, Jem, and MOTU ReAction card backs.

      I really hope they do some oddball characters, too. Those I might happily buy!


      1. Alex

        For some reason I can’t reply to your reply so I’ll put this here.

        I’m not sure the exact history of Eagle Force but I think it’s a collaboration to some degree between Fresh Monkey Fiction and Zica. I had loose connection to Sectaurs (classic my friend had some but I didn’t situation) but I went ahead and picked up a couple and was REALLY pleased with the quality, so I picked up a couple of his Comic Adventure Heroes too, which I had zero connection to at all but sometimes that’s kind of nice.

        In my experience, they’re probably the best modern 3.75-4 inch scale articulated figures I’ve handled. Everything just works. Lot’s of fun to move around without the joints being too tight or loose and some fun accessories.

        I guess my whole point in bringing those up is while I like Reaction, I wish sometimes we weren’t so beholden to the nostalgia of the Kenner Star Wars 5 POA mold. I would love to see Zica or some similar company do Joes but I understand why Hasbro probably won’t allow that to happen.

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      2. I’m going to look into these Zica Toys figures a bit deeper. Thanks for the recommendation!

        I find both Boss Fight and Marauder make very nice figures, too. But everyone is probably already aware of that.


    2. Alex

      I also open everything so I feel the same as you. I definitely keep the card backs because they do look great but would I rather have a few more accessories than a torn up card back in a box I probably won’t look at again? Absolutely.

      I can’t remember if I’ve seen you post about them already or not but have you tried the stuff Zica Toys is putting out? The Jet Jungle figure from last year is probably one of my favorite figures I own.

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      1. Zica Toys does Eagle Force and Sectaurs, right? If so, I have seen them but not tried them. A few of my friends did the Eagle Force Kickstarter and I’ve really enjoyed their photos. I thought their Sectaurs looked spectacular and almost pulled the trigger, but then my wallet won out when I realized I had absolutely no connection to the franchise. It seems like Zica Toys is doing really cool stuff, though!


  3. Dracula

    Yeah, the thing I always say about ReAction is that I wish they were just, like only four or five dollars cheaper, and I’d own a lot more of them. I collected a bunch of the Transformers ReActions earlier this year, discovering that they scratched an itch I didn’t even know I had. And The Worst have been some of my favorite figures ever, along with some other ReAction standouts like Maria, the Toxic Crusaders, and Phantom Starkiller. With Ultimates, I just have a few of the TMNT figures, which are amazing but look very tall and out of place with my NECA and vintage TMNT figures.

    But I do feel a similar disconnect with these – the troopers are the ones that interest me the most, but I prefer the O-ring style and there are more cost-effective means to build an army. I don’t think these will draw me in the way the Transformers ones did. Man, they sure do look great all lined up in Flynn’s video, though…

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    1. Drac! Thanks for stopping by.

      I do think $15 would be a much nicer price point for these. Why $5 matters so much to me, I’ll never know. It’s not like I haven’t spent too much money on a toy before. I forgot about Phantom Starkiller– the one I have is absolutely beautiful, and I’d still be kicking myself if I didn’t pick up at least one version of it.

      We’ve discussed the Transformers ReAction figures before, and I still do have some remorse for not picking up a few for my Action Masters to kick around. Maybe I’ll see some on sale at Gamestop or something some day.


  4. A-Man

    Hot garbage is what they are. GI JOE should never be 5 POA.
    Okay, that’s not fair. I think Flynn really cares about GI JOE and his dedication to the cartoon aspect is more than Hasbro or the so-called Collector Club ever had.
    I do think he’s optimistic about how long these can go on (In a long interview he talked about years.) I wish his company could make things at lower price points.

    Hasbro could’ve done 5 POA figures themselves, like they are doing Star Wars and Marvel. And at $10, we’d be happier. But Hasbro’s faith in the brand isn’t that high, despite what this seemingly comeback year for GI JOE might be. There’s NOT that many diehard GI JOE fans compared to Transformers or Star Wars. How many casual nostalgic folks just want a handful of core characters and then call it a day? How many just want *ugh* Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow? Heck, I used to be a diehard ARAH fan and skipped most of modern, am not buying Classified and probably won’t get Super 7’s offerings due to scale of the ultimates and cost of Reaction for what they are.

    But if they made Honda Lou West…

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. It is appreciated.

      I’m trying to think of the longest running ReAction series… MOTU, maybe? They’d probably still be making them if Mattel hadn’t pulled the license. So I’ll be interested to see how long it goes. They’ll for sure at least make Duke and Storm Shadow.

      The price point is honestly my biggest complaint, too.

      Hasbro did a few 5 POA figures as vehicle drivers in the Retaliation line. The sculpts were actually very nice and they fit in with other modern era figures well enough. They just weren’t very fun compared to other figures in the line. And yeah, I think Classified is working because it appeals to the 6″ figure collecting pop culture enthusiast as much as (if not more than) it appeals to the hardcore GI Joe fanbase. These might succeed in a similar way. The Ultimates, at least. I’m betting they are at least going to get to a Cobra Trooper, Flint, Shipwreck, and Baroness with those.

      I saw on Attica Gazette that you suggested Dr. Venom for the ReAction line. Now THAT I would buy.


  5. generalliederkranz

    I’m not a good person to comment because I’ve never collected any action figures other than o-ring GI Joes–not even the modern figures. So I’ve never thought seriously about buying either of these Super7 lines, or Classified, or Retro, or Funko Joes, or statues. Nothing against them, and like you I am amazed by the photograph and dioramas that some people are putting together with the Classifieds.

    That said, what bugs me isn’t just that they aren’t making what I like–fine, I get that, and I’m actually happier to be able to focus on just completing my o-ring collection and buying factory customs. But what bothers me is that they’re making/licensing so many lines that are all *mutually incompatible.* The result is breadth but no depth: how many Snake-Eyes figures have been released in the last year? But no Low-Light, or Wild Bill, or Zarana, or Night Creeper, let alone anything truly interesting and new. Even when Hasbro rehashed molds before, they usually went in a new direction, creating something with a twist that still worked with other figures: “92 Duke but in woodland camo” or “Firefly but Arctic” or “91 Snake Eyes in desert colors” or “92 Destro but with white gloves” (ok maybe that one wasn’t really too new). People make fun of lazy repaints like Heavy Assault Duke, but that figure still had new colors never before seen on a Duke. Now, instead of the appeal being that something extends what already exists, the appeal is just that its’ duplicating it in a different format. Hey, this Duke *also* has a khaki shirt and green pants…but now he’s 7″ tall!

    As a result, even if I liked any of these scales or types of articulation, I just wouldn’t be interested in buying yet another Duke. To me the joy of GI Joe is the depth of the line and the interactions that makes possible, but that requires everything to be compatible. The New Sculpt line almost lost me for that reason, but those were close enough to sort of work, and then it went on long enough to develop some depth of its own (to the point that we got third-tier characters and even some good NEW characters). Hasbro could’ve done the same thing now, focusing its resources on *one* scale so that they could create depth instead of breadth with the same number of offerings.

    Maybe the market won’t support that. If so, I get the feeling it’s ultimately because a lot of buyers don’t really *do* much with the toys they buy, and maybe less so than they did 15 or 20 years ago. (This thought is partly inspired by what Attica Gazette said in his post.) If you’re playing with the figures, or setting up scenes, or making complex dioramas, or letting your kids play with them, or taking pictures, or doing stop motion or dio-stories, then you’re going to value compatibility and depth. But if you just want to have a figure on your desk because you like the GI Joe cartoon, then you probably just want Duke. If you want all the Scarlett memorabilia you can find because you like Scarlett, then having a Classified, a Retro, a Funko, and others is great. If you enjoy the retail hunt, then multiple lines with their own unique distribution patterns may be more fun. If you want to keep everything unopened, then compatibility doesn’t matter much and articulation is totally irrelevant.

    It seems like even a lot of 3.75″ o-ring collectors are less interested in using their toys. In the Facebook groups, people are constantly worrying about whether it’s ok to put weapons in their hands, or asking what kind of baseball bat cases are best for lining up your figures and never touching them again. The last time I dipped my toe in online fandom, from about 1998-2005, it didn’t seem to be this way, though I wasn’t involved enough then to say for sure.

    For sure, I say to each their own, and everyone should do what makes them happy, so I’m not judging, but I do think that this kind of attitude contributes to the current market incentives for Hasbro. So…I guess that is my extended diatribe about why things that I was never going to buy anyway are less interesting than they could have been.

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    1. I really appreciate this comment– it echoes a lot of my own thoughts that I either didn’t or couldn’t express in this dumb little article.

      Depth really IS what draws us into GI Joe. And I personally love that depth so much that I want to expand it even more with figures and vehicles from The Corps! and other lines, diorama pieces, and whatever else I can find. There are people who feel like you and I do (and who also use their toys) like Mike T., RTG, Cody, Nekoman, Michael from Diary of a Dorkette (I’d argue she does the best job of both playing with toys in front of a camera and creating a world), Colin, and plenty of folks over on Instagram. But yeah, I do think a lot of people want something for their desk. And that’s okay, too. But I’m with you in that I don’t need another Duke that looks like every other Duke. Give me some new characters, and I will work them in even if they don’t have the same construction.

      The depth is also why I really enjoy toy lines like Lego, Playmates Star Trek, Kenner’s DC/Batman, Toy Biz Marvel, and Transformers. I always liked having a ton of characters in a vibrant world.

      Have you really never collected another toy line? Or just not another GI Joe toy line? It always impresses me how guys like Mike and RTG are so focused. I get distracted by so many things.

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      1. generalliederkranz

        Yeah, I get why these would appeal to some people whose interest in GI Joe is more peripheral. For a while I had on my desk a cute little Predator figure with an overly large had and basic articulation, I don’t even know what toy line it was from, just as a reminder of how fun it was to see the movies with friends. I can totally get why people want to do that with Duke, even though I’m not a fan of the incentives that creates for Hasbro.

        I actually worded that badly, since technically I have collected non-o-ring figures, but only other GI Joes: I collected 12″ Joes in the Hall of Fame years (I’ve always seen that as an extension of my 82-94 collection, even though they’re honestly terrible as toys), and then I collected the Classic Collection from 1996-2002 or so. But I got overwhelmed by the number of releases and the expense in those lines so I stopped buying. I think I also started to feel weird, as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars heated up, to be a college student buying hyper-realistic military toys with names like “10th Mountain Division” and “USMC Force Recon.” The 3.75″ were (and are) a little more comfortably distant from present reality. I collected Star Trek and Star Wars Micro Machines for a few years when I was 12-14 or so. And I played with other stuff as a kid, mostly Playmobils and Legos, but I never systematically collected them. I do get distracted by other hobbies and life stuff, like I was for large chunks of time from 2007-2019, just not by other toy collecting.

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      2. I consider Hall of Fame to be an ARAH extension, as well. And I do have some history with (and nostalgia for) that line.

        I also loved both ST and SW Micro Machines as a kid! They were very fun. And yeah I think it’s hard to have too many other hobbies that cost money when you’re collecting toys. Do I want another guitar? Yes, but I already have several and they get the job done, so I’ll spend that money on mass produced toys made for children.

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    2. You bring up a great point about the breadth but not depth of Joe toys. The same is true of Star Wars. You can get 100 different Baby Yoda figures. But, there are basically no other background characters from the Mandalorian available. Heck, there are no 3 3/4 Bad Batch figures at all. And, for us who grew up with deep cuts in both lines, that’s the hardest part.

      The infection of “serious collectors” into the Joe world sucks, too. You get the crappy “don’t use stands and don’t pose them with weapons” guys. And, my personal pet peeve, the guys who post videos of themselves handling their items while literally wearing white rubber gloves. These things are toys. And, no matter how much you want them to be unique art works, they were mass produced in the hundreds of thousands. Get over yourself and get them dirty. But, those days are pretty much gone.

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  6. These have their own audience and ultimately, they’re good for people who like them, but I have to admit, on a certain level these just aggravate me. It’s such a lazy and consumerist approach to making toys, devoid of any creativity. It’s silly on my part, but just being truthful, they make me angry for some reason.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

      While I don’t quite share it, I totally get your perspective on these. And yeah, there is an unsettling consumerist quality (even more so than most toys) about these, as well. I think the people behind this line do care about GI Joe, but you can see that quality you mentioned in these toys, as well.


  7. I get it. Honestly, the case assortment was a collector’s wet dream 20 years ago. But, the greenshits wouldn’t be recognizable as Joes outside of their packages. And, that’s always bad. Were I a dedicated vintage Star Wars fan, I’d probably have gotten more into these types of figures as I always wanted fully compatible lines when I was a kid. But, once Joe came along, I only wanted more figures with Joe articulation. As RTG said, Joe’s calling card was the articulation. I’m only a collector today due to swivel arm battle grip. So, even figs in the right scale but missing the articulation fail to hold my interest.

    I was planning on a Kwinn. The gun looks good and the hood up looked works for me. (Yes, I’d have preferred shorts, too.) But, man, that package art is bad. And, it’s not bad in a kitschy way like Funskool art. It looks like that shitty fan art you see on custom carded vehicle drivers. So, what was a sure fire pre-order is now iffy, especially at the price point.

    The gear is intriguing. But, based on the size of the hands and the size of the greenshit rifles, I expect these things will snap thumbs on vintage figures. The 2000’s stuff can probably stretch to accommodate them. But, I’m not paying $20 for an accessory.

    As I said on Attica Gazette, I fully expect we’ll finally get the o-ring figures we really want for the 40th next year. I also suspect they’ll be $25 at least and maybe as high as $30, impossible to find outside of ordering a case and probably with a terrible case assortment that no sane collector would ever sign off on. The collector market is starting to soften as the world returns to normal and I’m not sold that we’ll support a high priced line like that. But, we’ll see how non-Joe fans jump onto these figures.

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    1. ReAction figures have bad card art? That’s certainly a hot take.

      Personally I love all these figures. I was very “anti-ReAction” for a long time but now it’s probably my favorite line. The fact that I can have all these characters in the same style and scale? Unreal.

      And I’m a grown ass man. I don’t play with these figures. I do the occasional funny pose for a photo but frankly so many figures have such hyper articulation that I’m afraid I’m going to break them. With these I know what I’m getting.

      And I love the idea of 5 POA Joes because it’s much like Action Force which had a ton of 5 POA Joes. It’s like an alternate universe where that’s what we got. And if you look at where things were at back then this very well could have been. So it’s fun.

      Price wise yes they’re expensive but they’re high quality, well made and all have stellar card art. Probably the only good packages in all of toys. And at $18 they’re not unreasonable.

      Plus you can always find deals. I generally pay about $11-$13 for my ReActions. Well worth it.

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      1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

        I get where you’re coming from, and I believe people have every right to like what they like. I’m not fully against these at all, but I do like to pose and play with my toys– especially GI Joe. That being said, I’ve seen some people make great little comics and dioramas with ReAction figures, so I know it can be done.

        I agree that the card art for Super7 stuff is generally very good.


    2. Thanks for the comment, Mike!

      I agree that the rifles are probably thumb breakers, but I’m hoping the pistols work a little bit better. Unfortunately, we’ll have to either find that out when other people start getting them or just go in blind ourselves.

      I actually hope we do get some o-ring figures, and I feel like $15 would be a fair price. That’s what a MOTU Origins figure costs. It’s more plastic, but the parts are probably a little less intricate. So I feel like that’s the sweet spot. It will probably be closer to $20 if it happens, though.


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